Are you ready for the Summer issue?

Are you ready for the Summer issue?

I know, you’re all excited to see our next issue. We’re excited to share it with you!

See why we’re being called “Forbes for Women”!

The main topics in this next issue are Women in Cannabis, and Women in Finance.

We take a look at the women in the cannabis business, and look at the financial benefits, as well as the medical benefits and the social impact of this plant. We have some awesome interviews with industry leaders to take you through what is happening today, and what are the projections for this industry in the years to come. This is a $20 Billion industry, this year alone, with projected growth in the next 2-3 years of up to $40 Billion in revenue. Yes, women need a piece of that pie, and there’s plenty to go around. Will be discussing investment opportunities, as well as career opportunities in this industry, with industry leaders.

The other side of the summer issue is all about finance, specifically women in finance. Even though the numbers for women in finance are really low, from the investing side to the crowdfunding and venture capital side, women are not afraid to go into the field and work on improving those numbers. We spoke with the women that are making decisions that’ll impact the rest of us for generations. We spoke with a Top 100 Nationally recognized financial advisor, with the women at one of the only female-only Venture Capital Funds in the country, and we spoke with the leadership of the only crowdsourcing platform dedicated entirely to women.


We’re touching on retirement, from a financial point of view, as well as from a Where Would You Like to Retire point of view, and we’ll take you all over the globe to the best spots to enjoy your retirement in. Beaches, old towns, and good wines, are all in your future, as you retire around the world.


The Other Half is also represented:
We had a very personal and intimate chat with Prince Constantijn of Netherlands, and it was a surprising conversation not just about the strong women in his life, e.g., the Queen, and the Queen Mother, but also about women in business, and about the equalitarian aspect of the Dutch society.

Congressman Tom Garrett of Virginia also spoke with us, and had many things to say about cannabis and its federal legalization, and about women in business.


Add some wine, some music and some jewelry, and a couple of surprises, and that’s our summer issue, in a nutshell.

We’re excited! Hope you are, too.




Until we launch it, make sure you’re all caught up with our previous issues:

In Issue No. 1 you’ll find:
Erica Baker, Elaine Larsen, BlackFem Inc,
Women in STEM, Re-Learning Innovation, Diversity and Equality in Tech.
Issue No. 2 you’ll find:
Women in Politics, Augmented Reality, Community Building, #MeToo and #TimesUp effects on the business world.





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See why we’re being called “Forbes for women”!

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