The Business Magazine for Women, Issue 2 preview

The Business Magazine for Women, Issue 2 preview

Sometimes life hits you so hard you need a minute to re-orient yourself to where’s up or down. That’s been this past year for me.

From massive personal change to massive family emergencies, to the most massive physical loss I’ve experienced to date, to a move across the country, to an unexpected visit overseas, this past year is going to live in infamy for being the most disruptive and energetic year of my life.  In the middle of all of this upheaval, I couldn’t but drop the ball on a few things, the magazine being the biggest one of all.

That being said, somehow I still made sure to engage with you via our articles and social media channels. But the biggest bonus of this past year is my team! My most awesome team of editors and social media managers! We’re growing and we’re making an impact in the business world. I am grateful to the amazing women that have joined our tribe. Please join me in welcoming my team:

Adrienne Hanard
Adrienne comes from a broadcast journalism background – working in both cable and local news. In her 10-plus years experience, she has covered everything from finance and education to technology and online media. A copywriter by trade, she considers it a win when she doesn’t correct people’s bad grammar on social media. When she isn’t working she is baking, knitting and doing whatever else she can to pretend she is actually domestic. She also keeps her weight down by chasing after a very rambunctious two-year-old.I come from a broadcast journalism background (working in both local and cable news). My passion for writing and exploring began at a young age, carried by a fruitful imagination and a fervent love of learning.



Ashley Magers
Social Media Manager
Ashley is currently residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but has lived all over the United States as well as the Netherlands and Canada. She is very adventurous and takes pleasure in traveling, hiking, camping, and being outdoors. Having moved around a lot, Ashley experienced working in both the financial and tech industry. One of the things she enjoys most about having lived and visited many places, is the many people she’s met along the way.
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Sharon Seyna
Business Development
#femalefounder, #momatwork, #womaninbusiness, #womanintech, #writer, #editor, #yogi, #wonderlust, #writer

I’m also grateful to all the women that I have met and interviewed for this 2nd issue. We would not have a magazine were it not for your courage and your dedication to creating a place for women in the world of business and tech.


My team and I are now assembling the content, setting up the sections, finishing editing and designing the issue out. There’s still a lot of work to be done. But don’t fret! We got this covered 🙂

This coming issue is a healing issue, healing in many ways. The interviews will be giving us tools to heal ourselves and our communities. The women we’ve talked with are nothing short of real life heroes!


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The 2nd issue is coming out March 8th, for the #InternationalWomensDay! It’s a day I revere, a day I’ve celebrated my entire life. It’s a day filled with such love and promise for women’s futures that I consider this our, the magazine’s, birth day! We are reborn this year, anew.


The feature image is courtesy of Matthew Henry via Unsplash

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