What leaders are reading

What leaders are reading

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Leadership is innate, yes, but it’s also a skill that you work on, fine-tune, improve with every decision you make. Your leadership style is also shaped by every decision, every input you allow into your life. Leaders are shaped by the magazines and books they read. In this series, we’re continuing to explore what our role models and industry leaders are reading, what impacted their leadership, their perseverance, what keeps them motivated, and why.





Our next role model is giving us three books to think about and add to our reading list. Let’s explore what Amy Oestreicher‘s reading list contains, and why they’ve made an impact in her life.

On this topic, we’re bringing you an abstract from our Wonder Women Podcast we did with Amy Oestricher in 2017.


TBM4W: What books on these topics do you recommend?

Amy Oestreicher:



For trauma I would say The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk. He talks about how theatre and dance and group activities are used for trauma, which were originally used for military veterans as a way to reintegrate back into society. It’s just a very comprehensive, fascinating view of creativity.







I don’t know if you have read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but I think for anyone who has even thought of being creative, it’s the perfect mix of inspiration and tough love.






And definitely  Waking The Tiger by Peter Levine, which I could recommend a million times.







For the complete interview with the inspiring Amy Oestricher, check out issue 3 here:





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