Women-run companies that should matter to you

Women-run companies that should matter to you

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by women, for women

Better women’s health, and better access to care, are the keys to equality. When we have care, we have choices. We can protect ourselves, plan our futures, take care of our families, and get the support we need to achieve anything we want.

That’s why we started Maven. For too long, women have been left out of the conversation about their own health. We’re ending that by creating a better system of care, directly informed by and tied to our unique needs. Starting now.

We believe that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury. And that access to high-quality healthcare is critical to improving women’s lives. For far too long, we have been left out of the conversation about our own health. No more. Together, we have the power (and the numbers!) to change the way we are treated—to advance women in the workforce, and the world—by giving all women instant access to expert, convenient, and compassionate care.

Maven was designed to make healthcare easy for all women.
Easy. Private. Affordable. Healthcare on our terms.


April 2020 Update: For those times when you can’t/shouldn’t get out of your house, this is an excellent option. Find them on the App Store, or the other mobile platforms.



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