Women-run companies that should matter to you

Women-run companies that should matter to you

Women are spectacular, and we’re starting to think about the fact that the world wasn’t made for us, so we’re making the world in our image. From vitamins for women’s specific needs to better period care to organic cotton tampons and pads, to digital clinics that are actually better and cheaper than regular copay, to porn for women. Yep, porn for women. Check out some of the most innovative companies that are providing a new way for us to care for ourselves.
Made by women. For women.



Period proof panties.
by women, for women

THINX is a revolutionary period-proof underwear company creating the most innovative period solutions that empower people and sustain the planet. We’re breaking taboos about menstruation and reproductive health through the products we create and the conversations we start.

THINX is made for people with periods: straight and queer women, trans men, people of color, girls with autism, ladies with Down syndrome, plus-sized bodies, wheelchair-bound frames, good feminists, bad feminists, maybe feminists, and every other V in between.

by women, for women




Tampons and pads
by women, for women

Organic cotton feminine care, in customized assortments, delivered to your door. #TamponsAreNotALuxury

Most Notable:
First Period Kit. I wish we all would have had this for our first periods.
The next generation of young women are well cared for.

New: Sex by LOLA
An array of condoms, personal lubricants, and sex wipes.





Porn. For Women.
by women, for women

At Bellesa, we believe that sexuality on the internet should depict women as they truly are- as subjects of pleasure, not objects of conquest. Bellesa is a platform on which users can access sexual content that suits their desires, share intimate and erotic stories, and engage in a community of like-minded individuals. Our ambitions reach far beyond providing women with easily accessible and true natured sexual content; we’re aiming to open a dialogue amongst our expressive community members with thought-provoking non-adult content as well.

New: Sex toys for women

This is not just a porn site for women. It’s a place where you can find stories, articles, and education pieces, things that your mom should have told you, but she never did.






Digital Health Clinic. There’s an app for that!
by women, for women

Better women’s health, and better access to care, are the keys to equality. When we have care, we have choices. We can protect ourselves, plan our futures, take care of our families, and get the support we need to achieve anything we want.

That’s why we started Maven. For too long, women have been left out of the conversation about their own health. We’re ending that by creating a better system of care, directly informed by and tied to our unique needs. Starting now.

We believe that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury. And that access to high-quality healthcare is critical to improving women’s lives. For far too long, we have been left out of the conversation about our own health. No more. Together, we have the power (and the numbers!) to change the way we are treated—to advance women in the workforce, and the world—by giving all women instant access to expert, convenient, and compassionate care.

Maven was designed to make healthcare easy for all women.
Easy. Private. Affordable. Healthcare on our terms.




Simple ingredients multivitamin for women.
by women, for women

Clean out your cabinets. No more cobbling together a complicated regimen or neglecting your nutrition because of information overload. Essential for Women was expertly developed to be the only daily vitamin you need–delivered right to your doorstep.

Only ingredients you can pronounce, see, and use, like: Vit. k2, D3, B12, E, with Boron, Iron, Magnesium, Folate, and Omega-3. That’s it.

Created for and by women who wouldn’t settle for less than the truth. Monthly subscription service.
by women, for women





Know of more amazing and innovative companies made by women, for women? Send them our way. We’d love to feature them.


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