Wonder Women Podcast S1E12 – LoriAnne Reeves of LoriAnneReeves.com

Wonder Women Podcast S1E12 – LoriAnne Reeves of LoriAnneReeves.com

#WomenandMoney – A conversation with the LoriAnne Reeves, a business strategist, certified therapist, a nationally recognized speaker and sales expert.

Today we talked about what hangups do women have with money, what reasons, rational or not, we have for not asking for a fair exchange, valuing, undervaluing yourself, how to push past that, and how to ASK FOR THE MONEY.

Today’s conversation is a lot about “Show me the money!”, the very relevant quote from the 1996 Jerry Maguire movie. And LoriAnne is going to show us how to ask that question of anybody that wants your product or service.

Years of expertise in understanding the human spirit and its drives combined with years of corporate sales turn this podcast into this action-driven podcast.



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