Wonder Women Podcast S1E15 – Claudia Romo Edelman of United Nations and WeAreAllHuman.org

Wonder Women Podcast S1E15 – Claudia Romo Edelman of United Nations and WeAreAllHuman.org

Latina, Business Woman, Claudia Romo Edelman – Diplomat with United Nations, Unicef, and World Economic Forum, and advisor to WeAreAllHuman.org


Today’s conversation is with diplomat Claudia Romo Edelman, a force for change, bringing people together. She’s a special advisor to the WeAreAllHuman.org foundation, former Special Advisor to the United Nations – International Migration Department, former Special Adviser with UNICEF, former Chief of Public Advocacy, as well as former Head of Public Relations with the World Economic Forum.

Claudia Romo Edelman is a fierce Latina that’s fighting for all of our rights.

In our conversation, we also touched on immigration, on the issues that the Hispanic population is facing including the economic power and resiliency. We spoke about how the policy, written or not, of treating the Latino population affects us all, here in the United States and abroad. She’s a woman in politics, with a big mission, and she just finished her guest-editor work on the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine, a special issue focused on immigration, featuring Zendaya.

To get in touch with Claudia, you can reach out to her at We Are All Human and Global Goalscast

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