Wonder Women Podcast S1E8 – #WomeninBusiness: Building #community in the #sharingeconomy – Aparna Pujar of Enfavr.com

Wonder Women Podcast S1E8 – #WomeninBusiness: Building #community in the #sharingeconomy – Aparna Pujar of Enfavr.com

From Yahoo! to eBay to Enfavr – Building #community through the #sharingeconomy – Aparna Pujar of Enfavr.com

Aparna grew up in India, and she valued knowledge and hard work. She built a career at +Yahoo! and +ebay, and then she decided that that was too easy, so she started her own company, to help parents, neighbors, friends to be, start helping each other.

Enfavr is the iteration of the sharing economy, the idea that we can all pitch in a little bit now, and get help later. Give now, get help later. Ask for help now, offer help later.

It’s a good discussion not just about the sharing economy, but about what it meant to be a parent in our day and age, either in Silicon Valley or in your part of the world.

We hope you enjoy!


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