9 to 5 – Make it work for you!

9 to 5 – Make it work for you!

If you’re going to be working in an office, the 9 to 5 schedule, might as well make the best 8 hours of your day.

Let’s start taking care of how we get to work, what we’re wearing, and how we’re feeling in our own skin, all through those deadlines, long meetings, long commute, and interminable conference calls that we have to sit through.


What we need at work is a bit of luxury and bit of comfort. From building a wardrobe with business staples to your car finally showing the world the wings that you hide under your outfit. Here’s a list of a few indulgences for us all:  

1. Etsuko dress – MMLaFleur.com

1. The Etsuko Dress from MMLaFleur.com: $195.  And check out the rest of the pieces, or order your own monthly Bento Box with business attire goodies, customized to you and your needs. 

Tesla Model X – Tesla.com

2. Tesla Model X:  $123,000.    

The Lvcea watch – Bvlgari.com

3. The Lvcea watch, Bvlgari,  $35,000. Gorgeousness on anybody!

Grand Cabaret Statement drop earrings – ChloeandIsabel.com

4. Grand Cabaret Statement Drop Earrings from Chloe + Isabel: $52.  Statement, class, and elegance. 

iPad Pro – Apple.com

5. The new 256GB 12.9’ iPad Pro, $1,129.  Add the stylus, and you can forget your laptop at home. Get some work done on the new iPad Pro. It can take it. 

Travel Press Coffee or Tea Maker – Bodum.com

6. Bodum 15-Oz. Travel Press Coffee Maker, $29.  Make coffee, your coffee, at work. or tea. I’d make tea. As I am a huge loose leaf tea fan, such that I carry my own tea with me as I travel for work, this is my go-to mug. It’s not just a mug. It’s a french press too. 

Divine Extract Serum – LOccitane.com

7. L’Occitane Divine Extract Serum: $116.00 


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