Wonder Women Podcast S1E13 – Music & Marketing – Cheryl Engelhardt of CBEMusic.com

Wonder Women Podcast S1E13 – Music & Marketing – Cheryl Engelhardt of CBEMusic.com

#WomeninMusic & #EmailMarketing

In today’s podcast, we’re having a conversation with Cheryl B. Engelhardt, film score and jingle composer with over 40 movies and commercials in her resume, future Grammy and Emmy winner with 4 albums out, our amazing singer-songwriter turned email marketing expert, Cheryl has taken her innate expertise on how to organically grow her emails list and email list marketing, and she’s become an expert in growing an audience, and music branding. Music branding is a thing!

Her music is showcased in TV shows like All My Children, MTV Real World, MTV Road Rules, and Major League Baseball.

From losing her email signup booklet with an entire tour worth of signups, she turned that around and become a sought-after email marketing expert, with panels at SXSW, and her own email marketing course.

This is a fun conversation about music, marketing, authenticity, and everything else in between.


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