Monica Antohi
Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief
I started this magazine with such an overwhelming passion that I’ve had a really difficult time talking about anything else other than the magazine since the idea truly came to life. I build this myself first, and then, as the word spread, I was joined by the amazing ladies in my team. I’d do this by myself until the end of time if I’d had to (lol), so I am immensely privileged and honored to have the support of and work with Adrienne and Sharon, and with all the amazing women that have written for the magazine, that have graced us with interviews and their opinions about what it means to be a woman in business, tech, STEM, arts, sports, and politics. Now join us and help us spread the word about the inspirational women and their companies to the rest of the world, male and female alike.
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Adrienne Hanard
Managing Editor
Adrienne comes from a broadcast journalism background – working in both cable and local news. In her 10-plus years experience, she has covered everything from finance and education to technology and online media. A copywriter by trade, she considers it a win when she doesn’t correct people’s bad grammar on social media. When she isn’t working she is baking, knitting and doing whatever else she can to pretend she is actually domestic. She also keeps her weight down by chasing after a very rambunctious two-year-old.



Sharon Seyna
Research Editor
Sharon is our Research Editor. That means that we’re working together in looking at future trends and figuring out what is going to be the next field, the next discovery, the next industry that will be beneficial to women, and to society in general.
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