COVID-19, the coronavirus that ended all conferences…

COVID-19, the coronavirus that ended all conferences…

For the foreseeable future, all business and tech conferences have been canceled or moved to virtual/streaming.


It has become clear at this point that all conferences are canceled. It should have happened earlier. The Mobile World Congress canceled its Barcelona event early in February. It was kind of surprising that SXSW needed a decision by the city of Austin to actually cancel the event. In all honesty, I would have fought for it also, especially since they were expecting around 100,000 participants. It’s too cool of a conference not to want it to happen. But coronavirus is not something that we’re prepared to deal with at the individual, national or even global level.

So, as of right now, all conferences in March and some in April, are canceled.

Please check out the Women’s Conference 2020 list for the updates. We’ll continue updating the list as we get more information.

We are encouraging you to stay inside, work remotely because in this day and age it’s beyond easy to do that. And use this time to learn something you’ve wanted to learn.

In the next couple of days, we’ll be posing an article from a 13-year work-from-home veteran with tips on managing the transition, how to separate work-time from laundry-time, and how to deal with cabin-fever when it does come.

In the meantime, stay positive, stay calm, and stay healthy,
Your friendly editorial team



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