Fresh serving of Culture

Fresh serving of Culture

Summer Concerts bring everyone to the joys of classical music

If you live in any major city you’ll have your choice of free concerts from your philharmonic orchestra or your theater house. Shakespeare in the Park, a New York institution will bring Shakespeare to the masses, in a casual and not intimidating location, like Central Park. But if you’re a theater buff, or a classical music buff, experiencing music or heart wrenching drama in open air, with a glass of wine in one hand and a pair of binoculars in the other, summer concerts are perfection.

Atlanta used to have the Atlanta Shakespeare Co., with performances enjoyed by thousands every year during their 29 years of performances. Unfortunately, they’ve had to close their doors due to low-interest. With actual theater and philharmonic houses having to close their doors due to low-interest, there are fewer places to enjoy live performances of classical music and enthralling drama.

If you’ve never had the chance to go listen to a classical music concert live, I encourage you to try it. Many symphony orchestras have a free 4th of July concert, and every town I’ve ever lived, that’s been the case. Try that, see how you like it, and let yourself get transported with the music. Let the music carry you, allow the music to resonate through you. You will experience emotions that you’ve never felt, you’ll feel the composer’s emotions, and you’ll know what wind and thunder feel like in a summer storm.

This summer I look forward to the Concerts in the Park series from the New York Philharmonic. I used to live in NYC, and ever since I moved out of the city, I miss the arts, and a lot of other things about NYC, but mostly the arts). I miss the abundant amounts of art and music events available everywhere.

So, get outside, grab a blanket and a friend, and a bottle of vino, and enjoy the trip through time and space that music offers us all.


NYC events, and some are outside and/or free:

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In the comments, leave us your favorite summer concert series and the town you live in.

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