Influential Women [and men] on LinkedIn

Influential Women [and men] on LinkedIn

For your #MondayMotivation, your #HumpDayBoost or for your #FinancialFeministFriday, here’s your curated list of influential women [and men] on LinkedIn to get inspiration from.

  1. Sallie Krawcheck is CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, a digital wealth advisory firm open to any investor, but focused on the financial needs and realities of women. Also a former CEO for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, she shares inspirational content on money matters frequently. Her 2.1 million LinkedIn followers can almost always count on a #FinancialFeministFriday post that recognizes the women, men and organizations striving to prove feminism isn’t a dirty word.
  2. Barbara Corcoran – Corcoran’s credentials include straight Ds in high school and college and twenty jobs by the time she turned twenty-three. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country when she took a $1,000 loan to start The Corcoran Group, a New York residential real estate brokerage she sold in 2011 for $66 million.
  3. Tony Robbins* – In addition to his role as a successful entrepreneur, Tony Robbins has made a name — and a fortune — as a speaker and author, most recently penning and publishing Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Check out the podcast he did for The James Altucher Show where he takes you through “finding your WHY” in life and in business.  On LinkedIn, Robbins shares inspirational quotes, interesting articles and pointers on achieving personal and financial success with 3.46 million followers who hope to get a glimpse of the game plan that helped him amass an estimated net worth of $500 million. Get tips from Tony Robbins you can apply to everything from finances to relationships.
  4. Arianna Huffington – Founder and CEO of Thrive Global. Founder of The Huffington Post. Mother. Sister. Flat-shoe advocate. Sleep evangelist. Author of 15 books, including international bestsellers Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. Serves on numerous boards, including Uber and The Center for Public Integrity.
  5. Gretchen Rubin – is a prolific writer whose titles include four New York Times best-sellers. On her LinkedIn profile, the author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before offers insights into human nature, fostering happiness and making and breaking habits with 2.46 million followers. In addition to sharing her own content, she highlights other interesting articles to help readers on their own journeys toward joy.
  6. Liz Ryan is founder and CEO of Human Workplace, a publishing and consulting firm that creates career development courses in addition to working with organizations to make their workplaces more human. Ryan’s nearly 2.7 million LinkedIn followers do see some sales pitches for her company’s career courses, but she also offers plenty of free fare, including articles she writes for Forbes. These pieces cover common career conundrums such as how to ask for a raise and how to work with a shifty supervisor. Ryan is also the author of Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and the Career You Deserve. As such, her LinkedIn profile applies her own advice and is worth the read.
  7. Jill Schlesinger is a CBS News business analyst and hosts the “Better Off” podcast. She talks more about money on her “Jill on Money” radio show and website. While she hasn’t drawn as many followers as some on this list, her posts — which mostly share links to her weekly podcasts — offer information and advice on a wide range of money matters. So, savvy savers looking for practical tips on how to be “Better Off” this year might want to join her 636,527 followers.
  8. Susan Cain – Susan is the co-founder of Quiet Revolution and the author of the award-winning New York Times bestseller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking, which has been translated into 46 languages, has appeared on many “Best of” lists, and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine, which also named Cain one of its Most Creative People in Business.
  9. Brené Brown – She has spent the past sixteen years studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of four #1 New York Times bestsellers – The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and The Courage to Stand Alone. Brené’s TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability – is one of the top five most viewed TED Talks in the world with over 30 million views. In addition to her research and writing, Brené is the Founder and CEO of BRAVE LEADERS INC – an organization that brings evidence-based courage building programs to teams, leaders, and organizations.
  10. Gary Vaynerchuk** founded several almost-eponymous ventures including VaynerMedia, a full-service marketing, branding and consulting agency that counts Toyota and PepsiCo among its clients. The marketing virtuoso started building his brand as host of the vlog Wine Library TV more than a decade ago, and will soon publish his fifth book on the economy and entrepreneurship in the social media age. For a look at the kind of content you can expect in the new book, Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence — and How You Can, Too, join Vaynerchuk’s more than 1.5 million LinkedIn followers for multiple daily doses of new content. He’s the key person to follow when you’re building your personal brand.
  11. Oprah Winfrey – What list of influencers would be complete without Oprah? Not one! In October 2015, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa will be graduating its fifth class. Winfrey established the school in 2007 to provide education for academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Graduates of the school have continued on to higher education both in South Africa and at colleges and universities around the world. In 2013, Winfrey was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.


*Even though Tony’s not a woman, he is a self-proclaimed #feminist, and a supporter of women’s issues. We’d like to consider him part of the TBM4W tribe.

** GaryV, not a woman, but like Tony, he’s got a great message, not just directed at men. I’ve considered him a great influencer in my business/entrepreneurial life. He’s always going to give you the unadulterated truth. You might have to brace for his no bullshit approach, but it’s worth the effort.


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