The Business Magazine for Women, Issue 1 preview

The Business Magazine for Women, Issue 1 preview

It is time for The Business Magazine for Women. It is long overdue. We, women, are still fighting to be heard around the boardroom table.

With business magazines still carrying a conversation with the audience from a male perspective, it is time! Women aren’t even encouraged and supported in doing business the way we do business, our own way, more integrative, more teamwork, more cooperation. This magazine is overdue. We need this voice. Women need this voice. Girls need this voice. Men need this voice. We need to hear how women do business, how we do tech and startups, how we push for STEM, how we run for office, how we win competitions and become better people. This magazine is going to inspire us, women, to push through and follow our dreams. And it will inspire and make men think of us in a different way, in a partner and colleague way, not in a supportive role, secretarial or stewardesses way. We should be passed that already. The mentality needs to change. This Business Magazine for Women will change that conversation.

We’re not the secretaries of the 1950’s! We’re CEOs and CTOs, and COO, and entrepreneurs, and astronauts, and race car drivers, and senators, and hopefully very soon, presidents of the most powerful nation on the planet. We need to have these stories told.

Women are the other 50% of the planet that’s been and continues to contribute to the families, to the communities, to the economic bottom line. It is time for a paradigm shift. It is time that women and girls be viewed for what we do, for what we contribute, for how we shape the world and influence history.

The Business Magazine for Women is the voice of experts. Every story, every article is written by an expert in her field. The articles are written by women. The articles are edited by women. It is a Business Magazine for Women, by women.

The Business Magazine for Women’s goals are:

Being the definitive voice for women in business

Speaking up on issues that affect us all: equality and diversity

Promote women’s voices in Business

Promote women’s voices in Tech

Promote women’s voices in STEM

Promote women’s voices in Sports

Promote women’s voices in Culture

Promote women’s voices in Politics

Showcase all the experts in their fields and promote their voices to the business and tech communities

Promote programs that encourage and educate young women to enter and stay in the business and tech worlds

Facilitate a paradigm shift to increase the number of women in Business, Tech, STEM, Politics, Culture and Sports.

How we’re doing that?

1. Website focused on women’s voices, showcasing articles from experts in their fields:

2. Podcast: Interviews and conversations with the women that move us all forward. (to be launched in January 2018)

3. Digital and Print Magazine: a quarterly magazine that features relevant articles and interviews with women in business and tech, at any stage of their journey.

4. Events: Speakers and Presentations in 4 cities throughout North America, in 2018

5. Social Media presence on the relevant channels to increase awareness and involvement from #womeninbusiness, #womenintech, #womeninstem, #womeninculture, #womeninsports, #womeninpolitics.

This magazine is for women and for men. Women need to hear the other women’s voices. Men need to see that there is a distinct voice that has not been heard yet, and a distinct difference between men and women in business, and that both are valid and both work. Women do business differently. And every time I talk with a woman that’s either started her own business or that is working through taking over a senior position in her company, the difference is clear. We run businesses differently than men. And that works! The Business Magazine for Women will focus on how women do business, how we run companies, how to care for our constituents, how we protect our communities, how we fight for our country.

If a woman as qualified as Hillary Rodham Clinton is still forced to explain how her being a woman will affect the Presidency, we’ve not come far enough yet. There’s still work to do.

The main reason for building this Business Magazine for Women? I just couldn’t read yet another article about women and what women should do in the business world, written by a man. I couldn’t accept the fact that we, women, are keywords, to be used after forward slashes (/) on websites that are touted to be the main business sites and publications around. There is only so much you can take as a woman that is contributing, and not want to do something about it. I am tired of not seeing women on the covers of business and tech magazines. I am tired of having this forced narrative being fed to me every time I go to the bookstore and see the row upon row of business magazines featuring men, and row upon row of lifestyle magazines featuring very young women, models mostly. I don’t believe that the world is made up of only business men and supermodels, and I don’t want to see that in my media anymore. Actually, this paradigm shift is long overdue.

Women are successful in whatever they chose to pursue, and that shouldn’t be something we have to explain, but it is. And when we, women, make the money, take charge and run our lives how we want, we still have to explain to some women and men in our society that being successful is not a male-only prerogative.



Pay what you want. Thank you for your support.

Help us get this first issue in the hands of every woman and girl in the English speaking world. We all need an inspiration. Let this be it.

Here are some things that you’ll see in Issue 1

Women in Tech:

EricaJoy of Slack talking about diversity in tech, in an TBMfW exclusive interview

The TNW women tech founders, and their stories

Women in STEM:

2 time national champion jet racing woman is talking STEM, and how she’s impacting the lives of thousands of young women.

Women in Finance:

Money Grows on Trees, and other inspiring stories from the founder of BlackFem, Inc. Chloe McKenzie

Credit scores, and there are a lot more than you’ve ever though, from Cassie Price

Women in Business:

#LegalTech! Yep, that’s a thing. Meet the woman with the new app that’ll simplify the legal office work from the Founder of SavvySuit, Eli Mattern

The Non-profit that supports women, and it could be a game? with the founder of wForum, Adelaide Waters

Innovation can be (re)taught, and here’s how, from Susana Vidal

Mom at work. Is there such a thing?

Leadership. It’s an art, and we’re losing it, from Monica Antohi

The How TO guide on changing direction, from Coach Kristy Halvorsen

Soft Skills, the hidden treasure of a woman’s arsenal in negotiations,

Wearable art as a business model, with entrepreneur Vanessa Prestage

Millennials and their impact on the corporate world, with Isabel Steinhoff

Here’s how you get involved:

Subscriptions: Single copy digital, print, annual digital subscription, and print subscription.

Ad buys: Covers and inner full page and 1/3 page vertical ads.

Or, partner up with us so that we can make this a reality sooner, and better. We are a #startup, and we’re entertaining the idea of collaborating with #venturecapital firms or individual #investors.

Thanks to everybody reading this, and thanks to all that are supporting us on this path.This is not an easy mission, but it needs to be done, and we’re doing it. Thanks for sticking with us and supporting #womeninbusiness, #womenintech, supporting #women in general.

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