The Mission of The Business Magazine for Women

The Mission of The Business Magazine for Women

I’ve been asked: WHY did I start The Business Magazine for Women?

The answer is fairly simple, but long.

Because there is a dire need for business and tech and financial and entrepreneurial and social and political and sports news and editorials written by and for women.

When I started thinking about this project I went online and started researching my topic: business magazines for women. What I found was deplorable. I looked at, and I decided that we need to be more than a category at the end of a forward slash. I looked at and decided that we need to be on the cover of every issue, not make the covers once in a blue moon.  So not only the magazines are written by men, they’re also focused on a male readership.
The other side of the coin is mainstream media like Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour or Elle, that show us the women that men told us they fantasize about, not real women in business and tech. I want to be proud and inspired when I read a magazine, not made to feel ashamed about my body, my clothes, my car, and my vacation options. Women are people, and the male-dominated business is still forcing us to look like Barbie in order to hold a job. The good thing is that even Mattel has wised up and created a game developer Barbie.


So here’s why THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN is a necessity:

The Business Magazine for Women is a platform that promotes women’s voices in business, tech, STEM, finance, sports, culture & politics, in an effort to bring equality and diversity into the work space, the boardroom, across all startups, across all industries. The conversation needs to come from women, about what we need, about what we’re all about.



To promote equality & diversity in the workplace, from the factory floor to the seats around the table at a board meeting, all across the business and tech world.

To showcase women role models that girls and women alike can aspire to.

To inspire the younger generation of girls to go into and thrive in the business & tech worlds.

To showcase women in sports and inspire more girls to follow their own passions.

To encourage girls and women to speak up on the issues that matter to us most: our rights! And to encourage girls and women to go into politics and fight for equality and diversity, with all of us behind her.

To show the world that women in charge are not “bossy”, but that they are the boss.

To explicitly show the world that women have buying power, and that we do “run the world”, and that the world is not made better by excluding women from the decision table.

The mission of The Business Magazine for Women is to showcase the women that we are all proud of, the women that run our board meetings, run our day-care centers, run our country, run our Ubers, run our startups, run our labs, run the International Space Station, run our Nascars, run our destroyers, run the Senate, and run our homes.

The mission of The Business Magazine for Women is to show the value that women in business bring to the table, to show that the companies that have more women in their workforce and in their boards, do better, are viewed as “more human” companies by their consumers, and that shows as positive addition to their bottom line.

The mission of The Business Magazine for Women is to present thought leaders, pioneers, and doers that every teenager, regardless of gender, can choose as their role model.

Women and men have been divided in the workplace, men leading, women forced to take on subservient roles (e.g., secretary, assistant, stewardess), but those are the rules of the past. It is now time for an equal CEO seating chart. It is time for a less sexist boardroom. It is time, for the good of us all, for all the participants in the conversation to actually have a seat at the decision-making table.

It is the mission of The Business Magazine for Women to showcase, in editorial style articles, the women that inspire us, the women that can help us all to lead better lives, and in doing so bringing forth a new zeitgeist in business and tech world that benefits us all, men and women alike.

The Business Magazine for Women is a platform that is built by women, with a female founder and female staff.



Be the voice for women in business and in tech in the English-speaking world.

Be Forbes without the sexism.

Showcase women in business and tech in the North America and the rest of the English-speaking world, via articles, podcasts, editorials, and interviews.

Creating a platform for digital courses that help low-income girls access education free, helping them get into the careers of their choice.

Host events for business women nationwide at which business mentorship can be initiated. Established business women will take on mentees, imparting wisdom and providing guidance to younger women as they start navigating the business world.

Creating Business Centers for Women, where women of every socioeconomic status can learn, free, face to face, from women in business and tech.

Making it easy for women to enter and stay in the business world, before, during, and after having children, through education and promotion of a new workforce goal, where women’s contributions are valued and women are allowed to contribute to the business world during and after a pregnancy, if they chose to, in a form that they chose to. On the same coin, our mission is also to make it acceptable for a man to be a stay-home-dad and partner. Equality shouldn’t be denied to anybody!

Making it easy for women to enter and stay in the tech world through free education, mentorship and promotion.

Making it easy for women to become entrepreneurs through access to free education, mentorship and promotion.

Giving women the tools to teach their sons and daughters respect for women, respect for women’s bodies, respect for women’s choices, regardless of women’s socioeconomic status, skin color, country of birth.

I keep emphasizing “free education” and “free” because we, as women, have been duped into paying more for our products, and that needs to stop! This is the generation that stops the pink tax.

For us here are The Business Magazine for Women, Equal Pay is not just about getting paid the same for the same work. For us, Equal Pay extends to paying the same for our products! I don’t want to pay the Pink Tax anymore, especially since I am making less than my male counterparts. The mission of The Business Magazine for Women is equality in pay and in expenses, equality in responsibilities and earning potential. Equality mean equality, in every aspect.

We know, this is not something easy to live up to, but somebody has to do it, and it is my mission and the mission of the magazine to make the world better by promoting women and showcasing women and making women’s voices heard, and ending discrimination against women and any other marginalized segment of our society.



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