What leaders are reading

What leaders are reading

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What’s your favorite book?
It started as a question during our Wonder Women podcast, and it turned into its own article series.
Hearing what people read can tell you a lot about not just the leader, role model, but the real human that became the role model through her dedicated, consistent actions.

We’re taking this opportunity to build a virtual library of books that have made an impact on our female leaders, startups founders, government officials, scientist, roboticists, machine learning scientists, creators, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring astronauts.


Here we go with the first answer.



TBM4W: What’s your favorite book?
Aparna Pujar: My favorite book is Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code. It was a cult movement at that time in 2003. I think I remember ordering about 40 copies for my friends and family. It was a topic of conversation for months! It had math and mystery. And it was all about women’s empowerment. He pulled it all together in such a fascinating way.




For the full interview, check out our Wonder Women Podcast on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.
We hope that you enjoy this read and all the ones to come.





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