Wonder Women Podcast S1E10 – A conversation with The Business Magazine for Women’s team

Wonder Women Podcast S1E10 – A conversation with The Business Magazine for Women’s team

#TheBusinessMagazineforWomen: The why, the who, and the what – A conversation with Adrienne Hanard, Managing Editor at TheBusinessMagazineforWomen.com

We’ve been doing the magazine for 2.5 years, and the podcast for about 3 months, but we never talked with you about why we’re doing what we’re doing, and what is behind this drive to bring you not just the real side of women in business, tech, stem, finance, politics, sports, arts and culture, but the role models, the Wonder Women of every industry.

Today we’ll be talking about parental leave, about role models, about Spotify and other companies that are making it a more even playing field for parents to both be involved with the raising the children and both be able to go back to work, without that dreaded “female penalty” for just being the one that has the children. We’ll be talking about female brewers, about women race car drivers, about future astronauts, about science fiction, about children, about travel.

Today is a special podcast because today we finally tell you why we’re doing what we’re doing. Today I’ll be talking with my managing editor, Adrienne Hanard, about how we got started, why we think that the magazine is important, and what’s coming up for the rest of the year, plus a little preview of our summer ’18 issue, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet. And you’ll get to meet our cutie-pie Ione, the 3-year old that’s making our Managing Editor’s life every exciting 🙂

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As a quick note at the end, we’ve just been selected as a digital TOP 10 Business Magazines for Women! Yay!

We’ve been called “Forbes for women”, so come check out what the hype is all about. We think you might like our magazine. The Summer issue out now. Check it out here: https://thebusinessmagazineforwomen.com/magazine/

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