Women-run companies that should matter to you

Women-run companies that should matter to you

Women are spectacular, and we’re starting to think about the fact that the world wasn’t made for us, so we’re making the world in our image. From vitamins for women’s specific needs to better period care to organic cotton tampons and pads, to digital clinics that are actually better and cheaper than regular copay, to porn for women. Yep, porn for women. Check out some of the most innovative companies that are providing a new way for us to care for ourselves.

Made by women. For women.



Period proof panties.
by women, for women

THINX is a revolutionary period-proof underwear company creating the most innovative period solutions that empower people and sustain the planet. We’re breaking taboos about menstruation and reproductive health through the products we create and the conversations we start.

THINX is made for people with periods: straight and queer women, trans men, people of color, girls with autism, ladies with Down syndrome, plus-sized bodies, wheelchair-bound frames, good feminists, bad feminists, maybe feminists, and every other V in between.

by women, for women


We’ll endeavor to bring you as we’re discovering them.


To come, we’ll look at these female-run companies:  Lola, Bellesa, Maven, Ritual.

Know of more amazing and innovative companies made by women, for women? Send them our way. We’d love to feature them.

This article originally appeared in our Spring 18 issue, out March 8th, 2018. To order your copy, click here.

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