Wonder Women Podcast S1E5 – Dr. Penny Larsen of WomenManage.com

Wonder Women Podcast S1E5 – Dr. Penny Larsen of WomenManage.com

#WomeninBusiness: Diversity, equality, salary negotiations, and lessons from the guys – A conversation with Dr. Penny Larsen of WomenManage.com

As a woman in business, you’ve experienced some female jealousy at some point. If you haven’t, then you might not have been paying attention. How do we grow past that? It’s a very simple, yet surprising answer.

Dr. Larsen and I talk about #diversity, prejudice, what men do great, and how women could do better at supporting one another. It touches on salary negotiation, coaching new college grads for interviews, and networking on a golf course. It’s a fun podcast, honest and straightforward, with many lessons along the way. And it’s our first (recorded) video podcast. Enjoy.

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