Wonder Women Podcast S1E7 – Jennifer Sanders Of CNSEquityPartners.com

Wonder Women Podcast S1E7 – Jennifer Sanders Of CNSEquityPartners.com


#WomeninCannabis & #VentureCapital: Tragedy, resilience, and a hope for a better future – A conversation with Jennifer Sanders of CNS Equity Partners.


When life throws you lemons, you make the best darn lemonade that you can possibly make! This is the very short version of how Jennifer Sanders got introduced to the cannabis industry. From tragedy to triumph, and her adventures in the cannabis space.


Jennifer Sanders is an expert in international banking compliance, a highly trained and highly successful financial analyst, with a passion for taxes and wealth building, and somehow, she becomes a venture capitalist, with an interest in holistic health investments, that also include cannabis!


This is an honest view into the cannabis industry, the highs and the lows, and the millions of dollars that are being made and lost every day, and the opportunities to make a name for yourself in this budding industry.




Music by Cheryl B. Engelhardt. Get your free download at http://cbemusic.com


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