Featured Artist: Niya Abrasheva

Featured Artist:  Niya Abrasheva

Since the very beginning, we here at The Business Magazine for Women, thought that it was important to showcase at least one female artist in our magazine. Art and music have such a powerful impact on our lives. They shape societies, they describe societies and the time and place that spawned the art piece or the musical piece. Artists are conduits for the universe and for the human soul. We’re just here witnessing them create magic on a canvas or transport entire stadiums to another dimension with their music.

Art matters!

Here is our first artist. Niya Abrasheva, in her own words…




I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by art my entire life. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I was raised in a family of artists and as a teenager, my mother, who was a fashion designer, gave me an opportunity to work and learn from her.
I grew up in communist Bulgaria, which was an incredibly stifling experience. But the process of creating, developing and designing a fashion collection was truly a liberating experience.

I was a free spirit and aspired to be independent, which brought on a taste for minimalism and avant-garde. In 2007, we opened AZZA Gallery, a modern art studio, in Sofia. In that space, we passionately hosted numerous exhibitions with various artists . Thereafter, with my mother, Ani Karalambeva, we continued to create paintings that enhanced and worked with modern interiors. Many of the art pieces were mixed media, composed of natural materials (e.g., paper, wood, leather, etc.). Every home needs to have soul and intimacy, while simultaneously preserving its sense of uniqueness. This is the essential detail that makes a work of art.



Facebook: AZZA Gallery
Shop: AZZA Gallery
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

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